Sophia King for Alderman of the 4th Ward

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

To the Editor:

I believe that I have either lived or worked in the 4th ward almost all of my adult life. I understand that the ward now includes parts of the old 2nd ward, mainly Lake Meadows and Prairie Shores, where my father ran a successful supermarket during my younger days. The entire area of the ward is a dynamic and diverse community that has numerous concerns right now. These concerns include equitable development, quality of public education, and public safety. 

As I have grown older and hopefully wiser I see how powerful and important the alderman is to the area that they represent. Very little happens if the alderman shows leadership and vision to bring the community together with a plan. Too often community residents ignore this reality and sit out the election or vote for someone who is not qualified to lead. 

The special election to elect a new alderman is coming very soon. We are fortunate to have a candidate who is highly qualified to lead all parts of the ward right now. That person is Sophia King. Sophia has lived in Prairie Shores. She has lived in the Kenwood community. She has been involved in many community efforts as a small business person, a park advisory member, and as a parent. She played a major role in the development of one of the best public elementary schools in Kenwood, Ariel Community Academy. Her background as a teacher allows her to understand how schools actually work in the classroom.

I strongly believe that we need an alderman who has the qualities that Sophia has to push our part of the city to greater things at a key moment. We need someone who understands all areas of the ward and its residents. I urge everybody to vote in this special election and to vote for Sophia King.


Bill Gerstein

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