Public Safety

For many years, Alderman King has been a staunch advocate for proactive dialog and prevention of crime. During more recent years, she has organized calls and conversations among fellow 4th Ward about the growing violence and crime within the communities. She has been a catalyst for community members, involving and encouraging them to take both control and collective responsibility to identify solutions. She has served as a CAPS captain, and as Alderman, will continue to maintain communication with the neighborhood CPD Commander about such issues as tone and extent of police response, and exchange of information and strategies to address the ever-changing dynamics of the community.

Alderman King believes that all citizens have a role to play in addressing negative forces that impact our communities and affect our quality of life. She continues to appeal to the community with a strong belief that improvement comes with engagement, identifying and addressing the root causes of local crime, and a willingness to roll-up-one’s-sleeves to work on behalf of neighborhood safety. The safety of all Chicago starts with its communities.

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  • In response to an alarming increase in gun violence in the community, she and her husband Alan helped Bill and Cheryl Lowry form "The 'It's Time' Organization" (TITO). TITO spearheaded a series of planning sessions with fellow community members to devise strategies for safer communities. TITO partnered with BUILD, an organization with expertise in gang intervention and youth development, to address gun violence in the 3rd, 4th and 5th wards.
  • Initiated and collaborated with many stakeholders in the community including Alderman Pat Dowell (3rd), the Mayor’s Office, CPD, UCPD and the Park District to create the Safe Summer Initiative in 2016, Building Community Block by Block. This initiative extended the effective Safe Passage program that protects children on the way to school through the Summer to protect children on the way to parks and summer programming.
  • Alderman King regularly attends or has representation at community or condo association meetings to stay fully aware of the concerns in local neighborhoods and works collaboratively to address them.