Accomplishments as Alderman

Building Community Block by Block

In her first week as Alderman, Sophia King partnered with the neighboring 3rd Ward Alderman to launch the Safe Summer Initiative – Building Community Block by Block. For the first time, school Safe Passage teams were on site and working during the summer break to insure that youngsters heading to summer programs or playing in parks, were safe. The positive outcome was twofold: youth were engaged through jobs and training in Restorative Justice, instilling a sense of pride and ownership in their communities; and residents took the initiative to “Step Up and Step Out” to secure and strengthen peace in those communities.

Affordable Housing
Alderman King has worked tirelessly on behalf of families to provide opportunity for affordable housing. She believes that affordable housing is a responsibility that the entire City should share, and her life experience fuels her desire to make sure that all children have access to safe and stable housing in vibrant communities. After only weeks in office, Alderman King challenged Developers in the South Loop to guarantee that new buildings approved for that area contained affordable units. It is a continuation of her advocacy for fair and affordable housing at the national level (specifically looking at policy and legislation concerning Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), to create and expand access to credit and housing to disenfranchised communities that are traditionally shut out.

31st Street Beach
Recognizing the historical significance of the 31st Street Beach to the community, and recognizing its potential for growing resources and appeal, Alderman King has worked with management to make sure that all residents have equal access to this public facility. To this end, she’s made certain that the parking garage is open to all for use -- boaters and non-boaters alike. She’s also made sure that everyone has access to the beach in a fair and equitable way.

Safety in the Neighborhood
Alderman King listened to, and heard, the voices of residents in the community, and she has done her part to remove problem tenants from the community who were responsible for creating serious safety hazards to the public at large.