Welcome to Sophia King for Alderman


After 30 years as a resident of the 4th Ward, and now as your Alderman, it is my honor to be able to put into action, and to good use, the many years I’ve spent in engagement and service to our community. It has been a very rewarding journey for my family and for me, filled with rich and enlightening moments during my roles as Volunteer, Servant-Leader, Entrepreneur, as an Advocate for education, jobs and equal rights, and especially, as your Neighbor.

Initially I did not recognize the vacant 4th ward aldermanic seat as part of my journey. However, through consultation with family, friends and neighbors I came to realize that my journey had been preparing and positioning me in a unique way to serve our community as alderman.

In my view, to hold the seat of Alderman is not only a privilege, but an opportunity to make change where we need it, to continue the course of progress that this Ward deserves, and to advance conversations that need new life.

These actions cannot and should not, happen without your support and your voice. Together: we are stronger.

I am asking you to join me on this journey, and humbly request your involvement and help through making suggestions, sharing of information, offering creative ideas or simply by volunteering. I am confident that together, we can advance a strong and common vision for our Ward.

Thank you,
Alderman Sophia D. King

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